Advance Hotel Engine

The TravelPlace Hotel module has a wide range of integrated functions and suppliers available immediately based on those selected and contracted by you.
The research part has an advanced multi-camera function with different compositions.
While browsing, you can manage and filter all data with a multitude of filters
All hotels are positioned graphically and search for them directly on the map
With the advanced function you can book different compositions and different passengers in one order

Integrated Providers
The experience of integration with hotel providers is ten years, with management of different methods by suppliers in the push and pool versions.
TravelPlace allows you to better manage the products you receive from third parties such as different providers, products connected through channel managers or still managed by you directly or through an extranet.
All the data are then normalized thanks to Interceptor Normalize engine with the proprietary algorithms of Mind3

Hotel Suite - HotelNet
PMS - 5 Stelle
Cahnnel - Rate Tigher
Channel - SiteMinder



The hotel search engine has search functions:

  • - normalize destinations
  • - adress search
  • - multi rooms

There is the possibility to search for up to 5 rooms with mixed passenger composition.
The tree of destiantions is customizable by the manager by changing the standard supplier from mind3



The hotel engine returns the results quickly and dynamically in an asicronic way, offering the best price of the structure:  

  • - unique code for hotel
  • - favorite, best seller, wish list
  • - asychronous results
  • - meal plan and category normalize
The proposed results are the best rate for the combination of sought-after capers.
The results can also be viewed on the map and select the area of interest on the map to be more precise in choosing the hotel

List & filter result


A multitude of filters have been introduced in the search result such as:

  • - category
  • - city locations
  • - price
  • - area in map
Wish list: It is also possible to select your own hotel as a favorite and in subsequent searches find it quickly and easily among the desired hotels

Hotel details


The hotel detail is always opened in a new page to facilitate the use of the platform and always keep the result available. For every rooms:

  • - meal plan
  • - cancel policy
  • - note
  • - resort fee
Chamber filter table: being the responses of the suppliers multiple and often with a very high number of rooms, there is a table that facilitates reading by grouping by meal plan and canellation conditions, highlighting the best price

MyBook: User Area


After booking, a number of functions are available which can be activated on the Mybook area for your customers:

  • - automatic cancell
  • - request change pax or data
  • - confirm option
  • - dowload document and pay
The various features are fully integrated on the TravelPlace back office which allows back office operators to see and intervene directly on the reservations

Back Office


Like all products managed within TravelPlace you can define your sales logics by differentiating them from customer to customer. In the case of hotel, you can define the product by:

  • - best seller
  • - black list
  • - recommended prices
  • - dynamic note
  • - balck list provider for destiantion
  • - recomended hotel
All definable by booking or check-in windows for supplier and/or destinations. The maximum flexibility in a few clicks will allow you to define your sales logic dedicated to each individual customer


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